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Traveling America in Search of the Truth
Traveling America: In Search of the Truth has been said to be one of the best documentaries on the internet exposing the New World Order and its’ Satanic Influences. Watch as two Christian missionaries Travel America in search of the Truth.
Kent Hovind Official Documentary
Kent Hovind: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing is about an anti-christ who has been running rampant destroying lives of Christians. Learn who Kent Hovind really is in this hard hitting documentary.
The Shack Documentary
The Shack Documentary: Witchcraft and Demon Doctrine Exposed is nothing more than New Age propaganda. Satan uses neo-pagan religious fiction like The Shack to confuse baby Christians into worshipping False Deities.
The Real History of Christmas Documentary
The Spirit of Christmas goes through History Christians like to hide. Find out the Truth about how old Nick is the Devil and how Pagans sacrificed children under Thor’s Tree.
Alien Covenant Last Supper in Satan's New Testament
Ridley Scott’s Alien movies are more than Science Fiction and Horror. Like most storytellers and Hollywood movie producers, Ridley Scott uses the Holy Bible as his main storyline.

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